What is Sports Massage?

Sports Massage uses hands-on techniques to manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body. Sports Massage combines a variety of techniques from trigger pointing, stretching and mobilizing.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Sports Massage has been proven to be effective for releasing and reducing tension in the muscles, improving circulation, encouraging the removal of waste products such as lactic acid and stimulating or suppressing nerve activity.

Massage also helps to relax the body after exercise which can prevent injury. Sports Massage is highly beneficial for those who are prone to over use injuries, as the muscles are allowed to relax and recover fully before the next exercise session; examples of these injuries include golfer's and tennis elbow and throwers shoulder. 

During Treatment:

Your first treatment includes an initial consultation of 10-15 minutes to find out the clients medical history, personal and lifestyle details. Your sports massage will take place in a relaxed, comfortable and calming environment, with relaxing music playing in the background. 

During your massage, your body will be covered at all times with soft towels, with the exception of the area i'm working on. Products will be selected to create your personalized treatment using a massage cream which will be smoothed into your skin. 

To help with deep-tissue injuries, tension or muscle knots the therapist might use a thumb support or a knobbier, this will help with deeper movements, muscle knots and release tension quicker by applying pressure to the injured area. 

Thumb Support:  

The most comfortable tool you may ever use, allowing the therapist to give deeper massage treatments.

Good for deep-tissue massage, good for releasing muscle knots and tension. 

Can be used comfortably with oil or cream and can be used over clothing. 


The perfect massage tool to massage deep tissue. Used to apply precise, deep pressure to soft tissue trigger points. Can be used conservatively or aggressively, which ever you desire. 

The soft shape and smooth feel of The Original Index Knobber and its unique, ergonomic design, allows its use over clothing or with massage oil directly on the skin.

Massage Cream we use is:

A luxurious massage cream developed to provide lasting lubrication during face and body massage. 

Good for all skin types, perfume free, easy application to the skin, non greasy and makes the skin feel smooth after treatment for at least 12 hours.